Five Salon Design Elements That Will Make an Impact

When designing your salon, there are so many factors to consider.

How can you grab your client’s attention when they first enter the room? How can you create an environment that will help your customers relax and add to their experience?

We’ve put together five factors to consider.


Lines provide visual interest.
Whether they’re straight or curvy, lines draw the eye and create a sense of space.
Curved lines in the furniture and decor accentuate each other. Straight lines can guide the eye towards interesting art or places you want your clients to look.


Colour is a huge element, and it does have an impact on the atmosphere of your salon. Having an accent wall with colours that stand out can make your space memorable.


Picture a big wall with a large, beautiful image of someone cutting hair, or of an attractive woman doing something that implies action.. These large images create movement and draw people in.

Scale And Size

It’s important to keep scale and size in mind. Having a big, oversized reception desk with a huge, bright chandelier over it can help create a “wow” factor.

Conversely, if your space is small, a minimalist approach to decor, with added large mirrors, can make the space feel larger than it really is.


Texture is an essential element of design. Think of things like reclaimed barn wood and exposed brick. These textures add unique elements that attract the eye and make the space more memorable.

Designing your salon should be a fun experience! That’s why Octopus Group is here to help you through every step of the process.