Concept To Creation – Perfect Form & Function Octopus Renovation Group can help you transform your commercial spaces.

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What we do

Octopus Renovation Group is a commercial contractor located in GTA with extensive experience renovating and redesigning commercial spaces.

Medical Clinics

Medical clinics must only be renovated and built by certified and experienced contractors. Whether you want to renovate a dental office or a health clinic, our team has extensive experience and knowledge of local building codes, required building materials, and the most efficient design to suit your business.
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You dream it. We design it!

We specialize in completing various high-end construction projects, such as ground-up stores, large-scale deployments, flagships, & more. Our clientele is rapidly growing as we value our business relationships and deliver quality & efficiency with the utmost integrity.
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Aesthetic Clinic

Build more competent healthcare!

We understand your vision of creating a mini healthcare facility for your patients. However, medical clinics have different design needs than hospitals, requiring proper attention to detail while projecting a more aesthetic alignment.
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Food Industry

Design a sustainable business structure!

The food industry is unique & challenging at the same time, whether you’re remodeling a cafe or a restaurant. Our experienced design team keeps sustainability, flow, safety, & efficiency in mind while executing even the most complex projects.
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Office Renovations

Implement commercial designs that inspire everyone!

Our professional designers ensure the creation of an environment that is functional, dynamic, & practical to complete your commercial needs. Moreover, we make your office space smarter & focus on the allocation of size & space to build exceptional working environments.
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Our Commercial Renovation Solution

Design Your Dream

We can help you design a space that meets the needs of your business. Commercial renovations can have many benefits, including improved workflow function, a fresh new look for clients entering the area, and redesigning out-of-date spaces to include new technology and better form for the room’s function.

Whatever your reason for renovating, Octopus Group has the professional expertise to build the space you need at a price that works for you.

Innovative Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a complete home remodel or a bathroom renovation, our team makes sure to follow your instructions & propose solutions accordingly.

Turnkey Designs

When it comes to turnkey design solutions, our renovation experts will bring years of experience to the table & build a design suitable to your taste & need.

Flexible Pricing

We’re a team of fully-licensed professionals that work on budget-friendly projects. We commit to finishing your large or small-scale projects at competitive pricing.

Our simple process


Our talented designers keep all aspects of your business in mind & satisfy all points on the renovation spectrum. So whether you have a specific budget, design plan, or unorganized office space, we’re ready to redesign your room or give your building a fresh new perspective & look.

At Octopus Renovation Group, we care about creating a positive remodeling & design experience from beginning to end. Our commercial renovation designers have complete product knowledge & installation information & our diligent team proposes the best solutions to your unique project needs. 

Let our professional remodeler guide you & create a pleasant experience that lasts a lifetime for your home & office spaces.

Our Portfolio

Looking for Inspiration?

Octopus Renovation Group delivers affordable upgrades without compromising on the quality of materials & designs. Over time, we’ve built credible experiences for our clients & transformed their redesigning projects into a beautiful reality. During our successful journey, we’ve managed to maintain our reputation & make good relationships with our clients.

Here are a few examples for you to get inspired & switch to a personal home setting this week.

Iganico Castillio
Iganico Castillio
Amazing company values with clients and employees and I am so proud to be part of this amazing team. They are the leaders in their field and a leader in innovation 👍👍👍
Jack joe
Jack joe
I highly recommend octopus group for any commercial, medical, or restaurant construction or build-out.